How to Search a Dating Background

Dating background checks can reveal criminal records or marriages.Dating background checks can reveal criminal records or marriages.

Not everyone who uses online dating sites has the best intentions. Some use the sites to try and make up for a lackluster marriage or to hook up with someone they don't really care about. Worst case scenario you could find yourself being wooed by a convicted criminal or sex offender. To stay safe in the potentially misleading world of online dating, you can perform a dating background search to make sure the the person you're flirting with online isn't hiding any dark secrets.

Investigate background-check service providers. Search online. Read reviews and check prices. Each site offers a variety of different services ranging in price from $7 to almost $200. See the link in Resources below.

Decide which public records you wish to include in your background search. Some providers offer only basic criminal record searches. Others are more in depth and will do advanced searches for sex offenses, marriage records, bankruptcies, property ownership and other public records.

Choose the search you want to use. Enter as much personal information as you know about your target into the background-check website. Pay the fee. View the results.

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Things You Will Need

  • Internet access


  • The more you can narrow down a search the better your results will be. Have as much information and background as possible before you do a background search.

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