Secrets to Dating Younger Women

Dating someone younger than you comes with its own rewards and challenges.Dating someone younger than you comes with its own rewards and challenges.

Dating a woman younger than you has a variety of rewards and challenges. You'll find that your different experiences and outlooks can help you find new ways of looking at things, but different attitudes -- as well as society's stereotypes -- can sometimes cause problems. Here's some advice on creating a fun, vibrant relationship where there's an age gap.


Just as in any relationship, communication is the key to a relationship with an age gap. It's particularly important, in fact, because some of the assumptions you share with other people your own age won't be there. Remember that fact and make sure that you're forthright about your feelings and willing to listen to hers. Don't be embarrassed to raise the subject of your age difference if you feel that it's impeding communication.

Act Your Age

One common misperception among men dating younger women is that their partner is interested in dating a young man with a young man's interests. This belief ignores the fact that young women who want to date young men have plenty of opportunities to do so. If you're dating a younger woman, chances are that she likes you for who you are. Don't change the way you act to live up to some imaginary standard of youthful behavior.

Stay Calm

Young people often live in a whirl of drama, concerned with who said what to whom. Friendships and relationships seem to change with bewildering frequency. With age comes the ability to take the long view, building stable relationships and nurturing them over time. Although your partner's social world will be excitingly fast-paced, resist the temptation to become caught up in it. Maintain your equilibrium and provide her with a place of constancy and stability.

Don't Take Prejudice Personally

The media presents a lot of unflattering images of relationships between older men and younger women. Some people will make negative assumptions. For example, they may assume that a younger woman must be interested in an older man's money, or that an older man dating a younger woman is undergoing a midlife crisis. This kind of thinking reduces you to a stereotype and can be hurtful. All you can do is ignore it and be yourselves. People will soon see the genuine affection that drives your relationship.

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