How to Send Flirtatious Text Messages

Flirting via text can be easy and fun.Flirting via text can be easy and fun.

With the modern age and the advent of email and text messages, styles of flirtation have changed dramatically. Text message flirting is a fun and light-hearted way in which to communicate with someone you are interested in, whether you are three minutes or three hours away. Learn how to send highly effective and flirtatious text messages.

Inject a little personal creativity into your flirtatious text messages. Never just say "hi." "Hi" can come across as rude and effortless. Even if you just want the other person to know that you are thinking about him, the brevity could still be problematic. He might simply ignore your message. Give your messages more depth and give him something to write back about.

Avoid coming across as seedy. In the early stages of flirtation, this is especially important. Do not send a girl a text message that could be construed as overtly sexual, because she could just end up dismissing you as a creep. Be subtle with your text message flirtation.

Write short text messages. Aim for between one and two sentences. Flirtation is about getting a feel for a new person, so you don't want to risk being boring and rambling.

Share a joke. Flirtation is all about teasing and using playful humor. Use text messages to send jokes and create a jovial mood. Whether you want to text a girl about a crazy outfit you saw someone wearing on the bus earlier that day or you want to tease her about an inside joke you both have, use your wit to impress her.

Send text messages in moderation. You also never want to risk coming across as a desperate stalker in text messages. As a result, it is vital to avoiding sending crazy amounts of text messages to a person. This is especially important if you are not receiving any responses back (which is always a sign that the other person is not interested). If you send a guy a text message and he doesn't write you back, do not immediately send another one. Either stop writing him, or wait several days before pursuing the matter again.

Send date invitations. One forward way in which to flirt via text is by asking someone out on a date. If you like a girl, send her a casual date invitation through text message. Consider something along the lines of "I've had a rough and long week at work. Want to meet me for a drink tomorrow night?" Keep the tone of your invite laid-back and friendly.

Avoid drunk texting. One of the worst flirting offenses that people can commit is drunk texting. If you are intoxicated, the last thing you want to do is send a permanent and tangible message to someone who will be able to read it (and possibly laugh at it) forever. Drunk texting puts you at risk for losing your inhibitions and saying something that you didn't necessarily want to say (or perhaps even proposing marriage).

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  • Keep the acronyms to a minimum. Acronyms and abbreviations (think LOL and ROTFL) can be helpful for saving time and energy, but can also come across as immature if used too much.

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