How to Send a Flirty Text Message

If you've met someone who catches your fancy and you want to get things started with a flirty text message, your cell phone's keypad makes it easy to type things you would never say. You can send a flirty text message to give a signal of interest to the other person, and with any luck you'll soon be with him or her in a cozy corner of a dimly lit bar or restaurant.

Determine what you're looking to get from the other person. A clear set of expectations will be your best guide in determining the approach you want to take. If your interest in the other person is casual, let your hair down and have some fun. If you have more serious interest in the person, the best approach is to move a little more slowly.

Go easy at first. When you go swimming, you dip your toe in the pool to see if it's warm before you jump in. Approach sending flirty text messages the same way: test the water before diving. Start with something simple and innocent, but that clearly shows your interest in the other person.

Take an indirect approach. This is popular with people who like to be pursued rather than the pursuer. Often, the fact that you even send a text message to the other person in the first place is a clear enough indication of interest that the next move should be his. See whether he makes it.

Use the other person's response as a way to gauge what to do next. If her response is also flirtatious, you can choose to take things to the next level or leave her wanting more by playing hard to get. Of course, the endgame is to establish a romantic relationship with the other person, so even if you opt for the latter, you won't want to withdraw too far.

Arrange to meet the person you've been flirting with via text messaging. Once you've used text messaging to establish your interest, the rest of the puzzle pieces should fall right into place.

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  • If you're using text messaging to flirt with someone other than your committed partner, the least you can do is not get caught. Erase sensitive messages off your phone before rejoining your significant other.


  • Make sure you're of sound mind when you send a flirty text message. Drunk dialing is fast becoming a relationship ruiner of epidemic proportions.

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