How to Send a Romantic Gift Basket

Include champagne in a romantic gift basket.Include champagne in a romantic gift basket.

When you need a gift for an anniversary or Valentine's Day, consider sending a romantic gift basket. These presents are made of several smaller themed gifts in a basket or another type of container. Romantic gift baskets include items such as chocolates, cheeses, chocolate-covered fruits and wine. During occasions such as Valentine's Day, retailers offer seasonal gift baskets online or in their stores. If you are celebrating a special event during another time of the year, it is probably best to purchase a gift basket online or make one yourself.

Make Your Own Basket and Ship

Purchase small romantic items and a basket (or container) in which to place them.

Place filler materials into the bottom of the basket. Good filler materials include excelsior, shredded pieces of crimped paper or Easter basket bedding.

Place the romantic gift items into the basket.

Wrap the basket in a cellophane bag and use a red ribbon to tie a bow around the top of the bag.

Place the romantic gift basket in a box appropriate for shipping, address it to the recipient and mail it from the post office.

Purchase a Romantic Basket and Ship

Purchase a pre-made romantic gift basket at a retail location.

Place the romantic gift basket in a box appropriate for shipping.

Address the box to the recipient and ship it from the post office.

Order a Romantic Gift Basket Online

Find a romantic gift basket you like from an online vendor and add the item to your online shopping cart by clicking on the "Buy Now" or "Add to Cart" button.

When you are ready to pay for the item, click the button that says "Proceed to Checkout" or on the button with an image of a shopping cart.

Verify the details of the romantic gift basket and other items you wish to purchase.

Enter a shipping and billing address and other payment information.

Confirm the purchase before submitting it.

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  • Romantic gift basket ideas include items such as truffles, CDs with romantic music, jewelry, candles, bath products, tickets to see a show, gift certificates, cookies or romantic movies.
  • If you are mailing a bottle of wine, champagne or any other glass items in a gift basket, make sure the fragile items are well-cushioned so they do not break.
  • If you purchase a gift basket at a retail location, ask if the store provides gift-wrapping services. The store may also help prepare the basket for sending in the mail.
  • Most romantic gift baskets sold online come pre-assembled. However, some online vendors let you select what you would like to include in a gift basket and charge for each item separately.

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