Sensual Trigger Pressure Points in Men

Knowing a man's sensual pressure points is key to warming him up.Knowing a man's sensual pressure points is key to warming him up.

Like women, men have erogenous zones located all over the body. Touching and teasing these zones the right way during foreplay can light a passionate fire. You may know which spots hit him just right, yet you may be surprised by some of the spots you may be missing.


Although the lips in full are sensitive, according to "Cosmopolitan," the curve between his outside lower lip and his chin contains very sensitive nerve receptors. While kissing, grab his bottom lip with your lips and caress this curve with your tongue, back and forth.


There are a couple erogenous zones on his neck that are noteworthy. The nape of the neck and collarbone areas are especially sensitive, as well as the small area right below his Adam's apple. Gently touch the nape of the neck with you fingers, wet lips or a feather. Use the flat of your tongue to softly work your way up to his Adam's apple, pausing just beneath it to make wide circles with your tongue.


According to the "Cosmopolitan" website, a man's nipples may be even more sensitive than a female's, since the nerve endings are shorter. Also, men generally are not used to having that area touched in the heat of the moment. Roll the nipple gently with your fingers, increasing speed and pressure. Slowly lick circularly just outside his areola with the tip of your tongue, spiraling inward until reaching the center, then biting very gently.

Inner Thighs

According to the Shine Yahoo website, you can call the inner thighs "the gift wrapping to his package." Slowly and firmly stroke his inner thigh, starting half-way between his knee and groin and working your way upwards. Move your fingertips softly up and down his inner thigh. Once you make your way up, tease your finger up and down the crevice where his thigh and groin meet.

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