What Is Serial Dating?

Serial daters are always on the lookout for their next affair.Serial daters are always on the lookout for their next affair.

The words "commitment" and "long term" are like kryptonite to serial daters. These singles aren't looking for anything serious. They enjoy the company of many by dating multiple people at one time.

Who Are Serial Daters?

Usually, serial daters are people who cringe at the thought of having a relationship, but don't want to be alone. They enjoy the thrill of the hunt, but it's never enough. "Serial daters take up with 'fillers' until something better comes along, but nothing does," writes the staff from the eHarmony.com advice page.

Pros of Serial Dating

Some of the pros of serial dating are meeting new people and exploring your options for a future mate once you're serious. Also, serial dating may work for someone who just ended a relationship and is ready to move on, but needs to re-learn the dating scene again.

Cons of Serial Dating

Drama may come with any relationship, but it can be a totally different monster for serial daters. Matthew Fitzgerald at AskMen.com warns serial dating can be time consuming because you're juggling dates. It can ruin your reputation because people may see you as a player or a jerk. Also, for serial daters who bed-hop, it puts them at greater risk for STDs.

Difference Between Serial Daters and Serious Daters

Sometimes it takes going out with many people to find the right guy or girl. Serious daters who date often are looking for love. Serial daters are just looking for fun and should tell their dates from the beginning that they're not ready to be monogamous.

Changing a Serial Dater to a Serious Dater

Serial daters will become serious daters when they're ready. They may be ready once they're tired of playing the field or they meet the right person.

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