How to Set the Mood for a Romantic Bath

When your plans for the evening include a romantic bath it is important to set the proper mood in the bathroom for the bath. By setting the mood for a romantic bath you will elevate this everyday event into something extraordinary. With a little planning your romantic bath will be a memory that will last. Use these simple steps to set the mood for a romantic bath tonight.

Lay out two large soft towels in a place near the bath tub. This will give the feeling of elegance and will be very useful at the end of the romantic bath.

Place the bottle of wine and two glasses on a small table with in arms reach of the bath tub for your romantic bath.

Scatter tea lights around the bathroom to give the room a warm glow during your romantic bath. Candles should be set at least 1 foot away from the water. Light the candles.

Turn off the overhead light and let the romance begin.

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Things You Will Need

  • Bath tub
  • Bottle scented bubble bath
  • A pack of tea light candles
  • Bottle of wine
  • Two wine glasses
  • Large soft towels
  • Music


  • For an added touch of romance for your romantic bath set out a tray of chocolate covered strawberries to feed your loved one.


  • In your rush to get out of your romantic bath and head to bed, make sure you blow out all the candles. You do not want to be interrupted by a fire in your bathroom.

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