How to Set a Romantic Dinner Table

Flowers, wine and candles are a must.Flowers, wine and candles are a must.

A romantic dinner at home with your significant other is the perfect solution to create some intrigue in your relationship. Set up a romantic dinner table for Valentine's Day, another special occasion, or just because you want to show your partner your true romantic feelings. Surprise him or her with a beautifully set table and romantic setting. Use your own creative flair and a little guidance to really set the mood.

Step 1

Use matching dinnerware. Make sure plates, bowls and side dishes all have coordinating colors or matching patterns that complement your tablecloth. If you can, use fabric napkins. They make the overall table setting look more fancy and put together.

Step 2

Arrange the silverware in this order. On your right: Knife, then spoon. On your left: Fork, then a small salad fork. Place the wine glasses above the knives and spoons. Fold the napkin in a square or triangle and place on top of the plates, or place each napkin in a holder.

Step 3

Place a candle (or two) of any size and matching color in the center of the table along with a single flower for an elegant touch. If you want a little more creative flair, sprinkle flower petals or glitter on the table, and set a framed picture of you both as the centerpiece.

Step 4

Play sensual music in the background from artists like Barry White, and light incense to use fragrance as an added aphrodisiac.

Step 5

Have a dish on the table for items like chocolate-covered strawberries, red M&M's or Godiva chocolates.

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Things You Will Need

  • Tablecloth
  • Dish set/silverware
  • Wine glasses
  • Napkins with holders
  • Candles in holders
  • Flowers in vase or single rose
  • Wine
  • Chocolate in some form
  • Incense
  • Music


  • Red is the best accent color you can use to set a romantic dinner table. Just make sure it is complemented with a more neutral color such as black or silver.

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