How to Set Up a Date With a Girl

Setting up a date with a girl can be somewhat intimidating and stressful. Rather than putting yourself into a bad state of mind, think positively. Follow these steps to set up a date with a girl.

Have a plan of action when setting up a date with a girl so that the pressure is not on her. It is important not to ask her where she wants to go so that she knows that you have something special already in mind.

Set up a date at the mall or someplace casual so that you can discuss life in general and walk around at the same time. Here, there is no pressure to embarrass yourself in front of your date by spilling your food all over your new shirt.

Meet with the girl for a short time on the first date. It is better to make the date just about an hour or so instead of an all day or all night affair. This way, if the two of you don't have anything in common, you can leave sooner.

Tell her that you want to set up a date at a specific location on a specific day. Casually tell her that you would enjoy her company and would be excited to see her there. This can be as simple as letting her know that a group of your friends will be bowling next weekend.

Smile when you set up your first date with the girl. She can see how excited you are to get to know her better.

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