How to Set Up a Hotel Room Romantically

Think of creative ways to make the room stand out.Think of creative ways to make the room stand out.

Lavish your spouse with romantic treats within an atmosphere that sets the mood for intimacy on your anniversary, honeymoon or other special occasion. Use roses, candles and other props to design a private hotel hideaway for the two of you. Visit your hotel room in advance, so you can make changes to create a romantic escape that surprises her as soon as you both walk in the room. Some hotels have a few romantic additions already waiting for you, but you can always take things up a notch and add personal touches of your own.

Step 1

Book a hotel room that has a large, round Jacuzzi tub, nice view and king-size bed, if your budget allows. A basic hotel room can also work, but having extra space and a tub provides more opportunities for romance.

Step 2

Visit the room in advance and remove the existing bedding and pillow cases. Place the hotel bedding in a closet and then adorn the bed with your own white silk or satin bedding. The silk creates a soft effect and white bedding always stands out in a room full of red roses.

Step 3

Use red rose petals to make a giant heart directly on the bed. Sprinkle additional rose petals on the pillows and around the bed.

Step 4

Place chilled champagne in an ice bucket directly on a nightstand by the bed. Many hotels come equipped with rounded ice buckets that blend with the room. Place chocolates inside non-fragrant mesh sachets and set these inside the bouquets as an additional surprise.

Step 5

Place a bouquet of red roses next to the champagne and set more bouquets throughout the room on other nightstands and dressers. You can also use ribbons to tie more roses on the four posts of the bed.

Step 6

Place candles around the tub and remove nearby towels to eliminate fire hazards. Sprinkle more rose petals in and around the tub.

Step 7

Set a CD player playing romantic music within the room and dim the lights.

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Things You Will Need

  • Silk or satin bedding
  • Red rose petals
  • Champagne
  • Ice bucket
  • Chocolates
  • Non-fragrant mesh sachets
  • Red roses
  • Rose petals
  • Ribbons
  • Candles
  • Romantic CD
  • CD player


  • If your budget allows, bring in additional presents and massage oil. Get permission from the hotel manager to hang rose or floral string lights along the window.
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