Sexy Flirting Tips

Flirting should be sexy rather than awkward and shy.Flirting should be sexy rather than awkward and shy.

Flirtation is a playful and exciting activity in which two individuals generally partake when attracted to each other. If you are interested in another person, learn to convey how you feel via flirting. The sexier and more alluring your signals, the more likely the other person will take notice.


Strong self-confidence is a sexy and innate quality; while others can't quite always put their hands on it, but they unquestionably feel it. If you exude self-confidence when you flirt, from your straight posture to holding your head up high, you are more likely to drive the other person mad with interest in you. After all, if you truly like yourself, your object of desire probably will too.

Eye Contact

One undeniably sexy flirting technique involves the classic mixture of eye contact and a sincere, big smile. If you are interested in someone, look him directly in his eyes and flash him a sweet and friendly smile. Although subtle, this smile indicates you are open to him and are also openly flirting with him. The mystery of the subtlety also adds sexiness.


Humor has a universally sexy appeal; many people tend to convey attraction by expressing their sense of humor, often in the form of playful teasing. Show your attraction to a woman by giving her a lighthearted nickname (if she has big doe eyes, for example, call her "Bambi"), jovially arguing with her about which television programs are better or worse, or challenging her to a good, old-fashioned thumb-wrestling contest).

Body Language

Not many flirting techniques can possibly be sexier than those that involve body language. A lot of body language movements and gestures can send flirtation and attraction signals to a person. A woman's flirtation with a man can include everything from twirling her hair, preening (to enhance her appearance subconsciously) to biting her lips. A man's flirtation with a woman can include anything from touching his throat to standing up straight to appear taller. Show your attraction by sending out signals via your body.


Another enticing way to flirt with another person simply involves smelling good. The body emits pheromones --- chemicals that lure in members of the opposite sex. Add to your natural pheromone factor by applying a subtle dab of perfume or cologne on your body for just a hint of something extra, whether a fresh, citrusy fragrance or a clean and sporty cologne.


One sexy and rather forward (but not too forward) manner in which to flirt with someone involves praise with genuine compliments. Tell a woman she has gorgeous long legs (take care not to come across as seedy or insincere when you do so). Compliment a man by telling him he has nice broad shoulders and a comforting voice. These types of compliments can open the gateways for developing a flirtatious and sexy communication style. They also are highly effective for making the other person feel special and as if she is the only other person around --- essentially the point of flirting in the first place.

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