Sexy & Romantic Wedding Hairstyles

Manipulate your hair for the wedding look you want.Manipulate your hair for the wedding look you want.

Wedding hairstyles vary by bride tastes but should always complement the wedding dress and contribute to the overall look. Women need not consider their natural hair length when deciding on a style because so many extensions and accessories are available. Updos accentuate jeweled necklines and decorative dresses. Long hair styles complement soft, plain dresses and cover bare shoulders and backs.


Woman with elegant chignon

Hair drawn up or pulled back into a chignon or bun creates the image of a polished, respected woman. Chignons are often associated with stern schoolteachers, diligent office administrators or traditional working women who need to get rid of the distraction of long hair. As a choice for brides, however, chignons leave room for a tiara or veil to be easily fitted over the head. With the right hair accessories, like glittery combs, flowers or a crystal headband, chignons can be dressed up for a romantic look as well. If hair is not long enough to create a bun, chignons can be purchased as separate hair pieces that can be clipped onto any size ponytail for style illusion.

Finger Waves

Finger-waved hair

Short hair can be made to look sexy without any hair extensions or clip-ons. Finger waves were worn regularly during the 1930s when electric hair care appliances were not prominent. Not sure what finger waves are? Rent the movie "Chicago" and look at Renee Zellweger's hairstyle when she was in jail. This style is classic and will never look outdated no matter how old your wedding album gets. Waves in hair are easily created with thick gel that shines when dry and careful crafting with fingertips. After the hair is dry, the waves may be left in place or lightly brushed out as shown in the picture. Waves can also be adorned with hair glitter and decorative metallic pins.

Bump It

Snooki sporting her famous hair bump

The reality television star Snooki of "Jersey Shore" popularized the dramatic hair bump. While this look may be a bit extravagant for daily wear, it can be the perfect wedding day complement as a glamorous wedding dress topper that commands attention. Hair pulled up from the forehead or emanating from bangs accentuates the cheekbones and exposes the face. A wedding veil can be easily clipped to the back of the bump. Hair left down in the back can be curled into loose, free-flowing curls for a soft, sexy appeal. If your hair does not naturally flow past your shoulders, attach hair extensions.

Glammed-up Ponytail

Ponytails are not just for quick and easy dos.

You may have met your fiance wearing your hair brushed back into a casual ponytail, but styling makes all the difference between your grocery-store look and wedding-day appeal. Start by curling all of your hair. Strategically part the hair so that your ponytail looks tailored. Without combing the curls out, separate your hair at the part with your fingers and loosely bind your ponytail with a beautiful white or rhinestone hair clip. Wear your ponytail to one side of your head for a more glamorous, youthful look.

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