How Often Should a Man Call a Woman in the Beginning to Show He Is Interested?


Calling a woman helps to let her know you're interested.

Call Her Every Two to Three Days

A call every two or three days lets her now that you are interested.

A call every two to three days to a woman you’ve recently begun to date conveys your interest in her. Daily calls early on in a budding relationship can suggest desperation. Give needed space and allow anticipation to build by waiting a couple of days between calls.

Waiting a Week Has Positive Benefits

Limiting your calls to once a week lets her know that you have a full life.

Limiting your calls to once a week can signify an independent nature and suggest that you have a full life. A week between calls gives ample breathing room--and you won’t ever appear too needy.

Bottom Line

Each situation is unique.

Each woman and each situation is different. Always take into consideration the connection you feel you have with a woman and use that to gauge when you should call her next.

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