How to Show Your Man You Want to Get Married

Show your guy that you are ready for "I do's."Show your guy that you are ready for "I do's."

If diamond wedding bands have lately caught your eye more than normal, and your biological clock is ticking away at a decidedly more audible than average level, you may be eager for the man in your life to pose that all-important question. While the decision to ask or not to ask will ultimately be his, you can show your eagerness to move from partners in casual love to partners in life by discussing pertinent topics and exhibiting behaviors that make you seem the perfect wife-to-be choice.

Step 1

Pick the proper time. Regardless of how eager you may be to get married, if you rush your announcement, you will likely find yourself not happily engaged but instead desperately single. Don't broach the topic of marriage until you and your partner have exchanged pronouncements of love; if he hasn’t told you that he loves you, he almost certainly isn’t ready to take your relationship to the next level.

Step 2

Speak about life plans in general. Ask your partner what he hopes to accomplish during the years that follow. After listening to his wants, reciprocate, telling him that you would like to settle down in the future and sharing that you would like some kids if this is the case. Pay attention to his facial expressions and try to gauge his response as he listens. The way in which he takes the information can tell you much about his readiness for this major life step.

Step 3

Exhibit kindness towards your partner. Being nice to your partner is important both to keeping your relationship strong and showing him that you enjoy your time together and, as a result, would like to marry him. Even on a bad day, try to put stresses behind you, and don't snap at your man when he doesn’t deserve it.

Step 4

Mention the happiness of married friends. By telling your guy how happy your two married friends seem, you can gain some insight into his readiness to walk down the aisle and make your admiration for marriage clear. If your man doesn’t seem to think that marriage sounds so great, he likely won't eagerly agree that the couple in question is legitimately happy or he'll exhibit a general disinterest in talking about the topic.

Step 5

Show your love daily. Your man wants to marry someone who fervently loves him. Show him that you feel these deep affections. Tell him that you love him verbally, but also show your affections through your actions, touching him tenderly and kindly.

Step 6

Speak candidly about the topic. Particularly if you have been with the guy in question for many years, you may need to simply state that you're ready to enter the married phase of your life. When sharing this fact with the man that you hope will become your fiancé, don’t make it sound like a demand. Tell him that you feel strong emotions for him and that you're eager to spend the rest of your life with him. Keep in mind, however, that being this blunt does bring with it risks; if the man in question doesn’t share your feelings, he may feel pressured and decide to leave the relationship.

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