How to Show You Still Care After Three Years of Dating

In the beginning of a relationship, you expect the electricity of attraction, but what happens three years down the road? If you don't want your relationship to lose that special spark, showing that you still care can keep things fresh and rekindle the romance. After three years of dating, show some creativity and treat your partner to heartfelt surprises that will keep the fire alive.

Take a trip together to reconnect.Take a trip together to reconnect.

Love Letter

Put down your cellphone, stop texting, and close the laptop before you send another "Honey, I have to work tonight" email. After three years, it's likely that communication has gone from super sweet to slow and steady. Perk things up and show your partner that you care with a good old-fashioned love letter. Not a love text or a love email, but a handwritten letter. If you're not sure where to start, write down what you appreciate about your mate, suggests counselor Stephanie Sarkis in her article "Six Ways to Re-ignite Your Relationship" on the "Psychology Today" website. For example, try something like, "After three years, I love how you are always thoughtful and remember to ask me about how a test at school went or how the staff meeting at work was."

First Date

Show your partner how much you care, even after all the years, by going back to the beginning. Set up a romantic date, taking your girl back to the first place that you went together. This will remind her of those first flirty feelings that she had for you and show her that you remember this major milestone. For example, if your first date was dinner at a local pizza parlor and a movie, take her back to the same place for a meal and rent the DVD version of the movie that you saw together.

Thank You

If you're starting to take your significant other for granted, get back to the beginning stage and remember to say "thank you" for the little things. Instead of waiting for your guy to do something major, take the time to thank him daily for everyday actions. This will show him that you still care and that you appreciate everything he does to support you. For example, thank him for washing the dishes after dinner or picking you up for school.

Listen Up

You don't need an over-the-top gesture to show your partner that you care after three years. Something as simple as listening to her shows that you care and are there for her. Sit your partner down and ask her how her day was. Really listen to her, looking her in the eye and asking questions that have to do with what she's saying. While it's tempting to sneak a peek at your cell or keep one eye on the TV -- after all, you've had three years of conversations with her -- make her the center of your attention and put all of the distractions away.

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