Signals That a Guy Is Flirting

Whether it's innocent or meaningful, flirting is fun. However, it can be tough to decipher whether a guy is just being friendly or flirting. Learn to pick up on subtle signals, and you'll instantly improve your skills of flirting perception.

Pre-Talking Signals

Check for eye contact. If someone is making eye contact with you (whether or not he then looks away), it means he has some sort of interest in you. Hold that eye contact, or try to pick it up again to see what the guy is thinking.

Watch for a smile. If you get one, you're now seeing the signals. A smile your way is a dead giveaway of interest. Build on that smile with one of your own--or if you're really bold, a wink.

Notice if the guy is talking to a friend while glancing back at you. Yes, he's talking about you. Give a smile back or send an obvious glance his way.

See if he's getting closer to you. If he edges in your direction, he probably wants to get to know you.

During and After Talking

Check for body language. If a guy is leaning toward you, inadvertently touching you or brushing up against you, chances are he's flirting.

Analyze the language he uses. Is he promoting himself a bit or trying to give you an ego boost? He's definitely interested.

Listen for things he says that refer to the future. If he talks about plans for that weekend or professes interest in what you're doing next week, it's probably because he wants to see you again.

See if he ditches his friends to talk to you more, or tries to involve you more deeply in a conversation with his friends. If he wants you to be part of his group, he probably wants you to be part of his life.

Notice if he is laughing or smiling (even when nothing's funny). This signals either nervousness or just plain happiness to be around you.

Notice if he is saying "Me too!" a lot. If so, he's trying to relate to you and is probably flirting.

See if he lingers as you're leaving. If he does, he probably wants to tag along, or is trying to close the conversation with a phone number.

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  • No two people are alike. Build from experience and add to your own library of flirting signals.

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