What Is the Significance of a Promise Ring?

People wear promise rings to show committment to a person or an idea.People wear promise rings to show committment to a person or an idea.

A promise ring shows a commitment. People give these special rings for many reasons; they are not specifically for marriage. Each type of promise ring holds a unique meaning.

Religious Promise Rings

Wearing a promise ring for religious reasons signifies willingness to abide by the teachings of the religion each day. It allows the wearer to show another level of devotion and commitment.

Friendship Promise Rings

Friendship promise rings are a promise of reliability through good and bad times. These rings are for two or more friends, and it is especially important that everyone correctly understands the intention of the ring in this situation. Some could easily interpret it as having a romantic meaning.

Purity Promise Rings

Purity rings signify a commitment to remain abstinent until marriage. Parents sometimes give this ring to teenaged children for this reason. Purity rings may also signify abstinence from alcohol, drugs, or smoking.

Pre-Engagement Promise Rings

Pre-engagement promise rings signify that two people expect to be engaged to be married in the future. These rings are one day replaced by engagement rings.

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