Signs of Being Stood Up

A no-call, no-show date is a sign she's not worth your time.A no-call, no-show date is a sign she's not worth your time.

Whether you’re new to the dating scene or you’ve been playing the game for quite some time, nobody wants to be stood up. It’s embarrassing and quite likely to make you doubt yourself. If you think you’ve been stood up, give the person the benefit of the doubt but also be sure that the explanation you get is genuine. Of course, if you don’t know the person well and don’t have any attachments, you can just cut ties and move on. Either way, don’t let it ruin your day.

Sketchy Details

One sign that you’ve been stood up is that the details weren’t necessarily clear to begin with. Is he picking you up? Is he meeting you at the restaurant? Is it the pizza place on Main Street or Third Street? If you’re not entirely sure what the plan was to begin with, that could signal a red flag. If it’s a blind date, this is even more important, because you won’t immediately recognize your date walking in.

No Confirmation

If your date is looking forward to seeing you, she’ll call beforehand to say so and to confirm any details that have been left up in the air. If you're not sure about some of the details and your date hasn’t called to confirm with you beforehand, you might start to feel twinges of anxiety.

No Show

The most obvious sign that you’re being stood up is actually being stood up. If you are ready and waiting at the designated place and time, and your date does not arrive, the chances are that you’ve been stood up. Stick around for awhile just to make sure that he didn’t get held up in traffic or caught late at the office, or worse, embroiled in a family tragedy. But if, after an hour, your date still has not arrived, feel free to make other plans.

No Call

Even if your date never showed up, there is still a chance that she has a legitimate excuse for missing your date. However, the onus is not on you to call her and give her the opportunity to explain. If your date respects you and your time -- and, by extension, deserves another chance -- she’ll call with an apology and a viable explanation for why she couldn’t meet you. If she doesn’t call, rest assured that you were stood up and be thankful that you dodged a bullet by avoiding a date with such a rude person.

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