The Signs & Body Language of Falling in Love

People who are in love are often physically affectionate.People who are in love are often physically affectionate.

It's tricky to find out if you are truly falling in love, or if you are just infatuated with your significant other. Infatuation is a fleeting emotion. It's very exciting and intense in the beginning, but infatuation quickly fizzles out. Love is a similar emotion -- but it has staying power. Love can't be denied. When you are in love, you know that you are in love. Love means caring about someone else more so than you care about yourself.

Putting Him First

People who are truly in love put their partner first. You'll find yourself doing anything in your power to make the other person happy and comfortable. Love doesn't mean being foolish; it means being considerate. Those who are in love don't think twice about spending extra time with their partners, or spending extra money that they wouldn't normally spend. People who are in love think more about pleasing their partner than themselves.


When two people are in love, they are protective of one another. The first instinct is to keep your partner away from harm or danger. Protection can mean a lot of things; those who are in love avoid hurting their partners' feelings. Protection of a physical nature applies, as well. When two people are truly in love, they never resort to physical violence with one another. A healthy, loving relationship is one in which both parties do everything they can to prevent their partners from being unhappy.


Priorities often go out the window when two people fall in love. Suddenly work and other relationships don't seem quite as important as they used to be. When people first fall in love, they want to spend as much time together as they possibly can. Though it's not healthy to completely neglect your other relationships or obligations, a little distance from activities that don't involve your partner are expected to take a backseat for awhile.

Body Language

Physical affection is a sure sign of people who are in love. Though not all people are comfortable displaying these signs in public, some are. People who are in love hold hands, hug, kiss and caress each other. Those who are in love usually become physically intimate. Physical gestures such as cuddling, which may have never seemed appealing before, are suddenly appealing to those who are in love. When two people first fall in love, they may find it difficult to keep their hands off each other.

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