Signs That a Boy Is Flirting With a Girl

Boys who are flirting will indicate their interest by getting physically closer to you.Boys who are flirting will indicate their interest by getting physically closer to you.

When you meet a boy, you may be attracted to him, but not sure if he feels the same connection that you do. Take notice of the verbal and non-verbal signs that he gives you in order to determine if he is flirting. While some flirting may be overt, you will need to pay careful attention to pick up on the more subtle cues.

Eye Contact and Smiles

Smiling is one of the easiest forms of flirtation.

If a boy is interested in you, you'll find that his stare is drawn back to you, even if you are in a crowded room. He will make eye contact with you to let you know that he's interested. He will also offer a friendly smile to show that he finds you attractive. By smiling and making direct eye contact, he's using non-verbal cues to let you know that he's interested in getting to know you better.

Personal Space

If a guy comes into your personal space, he is showing his interest and indicating that he wants to get closer to you. When you talk, he may lean in closer to you or incline his head toward you. Physically, he is showing that he wants to be closer because he is attracted to you.

Conversational Cues

When you talk with him, his conversation will be key in determining if he is flirting with you. If he listens attentively, smiles at your jokes and asks appropriate questions while you are talking, he is interested in you. If he quickly backs away or crosses his arms, his withdrawal will be a clear indication that he isn't flirting. He may also offer compliments to you. He may say that he likes your hair or your eyes. Compliments are very obvious signs of flirtation.


During your conversation, he may lean close and put his hand on your arm or your shoulder. Light, casual touches are flirtatious and show his attraction to you. If you are standing in a crowd, he may move closer so that his body can brush against yours. With this movement, he is showing others that you are together. Physical touches can be a strong indication of a boy's interest.

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