Signs of Breakups in Dating

Relationships are often exciting and fun when a couple first begins to date, but over time, one of the partners may show signs of emotional withdrawal.Relationships are often exciting and fun when a couple first begins to date, but over time, one of the partners may show signs of emotional withdrawal.

No one wants to be caught unaware by a dating breakup. Instead of being blindsided, take a close look at your relationship and look for any warning signs of an imminent split. Communication is key in any relationship, and when your partner stops communicating, take time to evaluate and see exactly what is happening between the two of you.

Increased Distance

If your boyfriend starts calling less often, he could be indicating that he is ready to leave the relationship.

You and your partner used to be together all the time. Now, he's working later or staying out with friends, and the two of you aren't spending very much time together. You also are seeing a big decline in phone calls or texts, and it seems that your boyfriend is no longer interested in talking with you. If he is putting increased physical distance between the two of you, consider that a breakup warning sign.

Emotional Withdrawal

If your partner used to spend hours talking with you about the future, but now she only makes noncommittal responses, she could be withdrawing emotionally from the relationship. Also, if you try to make long-term plans, such as vacation plans or plans for the holidays, and your partner changes the subject instead of answering, she may be re-evaluating the relationship. It's possible that she doesn't want to commit to future activities because she isn't sure there will be a future for the two of you.


If you and your partner argue more frequently, or each day, then consider those arguments as warning signs. When some individuals are trying to push for a breakup, they deliberately instigate arguments in the hope that their partner gets so angry that a separation is the only recourse. Fighting in public can be a particularly bad sign because it indicates that your partner does not care about who may see or hear the argument, and it also shows a lack of respect for you.

Lack of Intimacy

When it comes to physical communication, committed couples usually do not have trouble connecting. However, if your partner is no longer interested in kissing, cuddling or sex, then this situation should raise a red flag. If your partner is no longer making any physical advances to you or if he withdraws when you try to instigate physical time, then you need to engage in a frank discussion with him to better understand the status of your relationship.

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