Signs of a Cheap Man

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You may appreciate a man who doesn't spend his money recklessly and manages it in a responsible way. However, one who takes it to the extreme of refusal to spend money on needed items and never pays for meals out is likely a cheap person. There is a psychology to the way you choose to manage your finances, which stems from your "inner voice," states psychologist Bret Moore in his article "The Psychology of Finances" for Psychology Today. There are a few signs and behaviors that might lead you to come to conclude that your man's "inner voice" is telling him to be cheap.

Finding Ways to Avoid Paying

If you often hear phrases such as "I'm sorry, I left my wallet at home" or "Oh, I'll get the bill next time we see a flick," your man's cheap nature may be showing through. You might agree to split the cost of a pricey meal, but if he never offers to pay or signals the waiter to give you the bill every time, proceed with caution. Make sure you're not dating someone who would resort to a "dine and dash" philosophy rather than foot the bill himself.

Looking "Cheap"

Sometimes you can judge a book by its cover, and if your man's personal hygiene leaves something to be desired, it may not have anything to do with his personal taste. Looking groomed and well put-together can cost money. Instead of wearing a nice jacket out to a fancy dinner, he chose to wear the only option in his closet -- a plaid jacket from a decade ago. In addition, you notice the soles of his shoes have holes and his facial hair is stubby because he refuses to pay for a sharp razor. When his cheap behavior directly affects his physical appearance, this can negatively affect your relationship.

Tipping Behavior

On average, men tend to leave higher tips than women, shows a study by Deloitte Tax LLP in October 2006, published in Southern Economic Journal. However, you notice your man chooses to leave a less-than-appropriate tip after you had the perfect meal at your favorite restaurant in town -- the reservations were honored, your food was to die for and the server was attentive and pleasant. With no reason to short-change the server, his cheap nature may be the driving force behind this behavior. Pay attention any other chance he might have to tip; see if he refuses to pay up when the valet returns his car or when the musician on the street plays your favorite tune after he requests the song.

Shopping Sales

If every Sunday morning, you can't get in touch with your man because he's scouring the weekend paper for coupons, your man's cheap behavior may interfere with your relationship. Pay attention to his shopping habits in general. If he refuses to buy a new gallon of milk just because it isn't on sale or he doesn't have a coupon -- despite the fact the gallon in his fridge has been expired for two weeks -- this behavior should serve as a red flag. If you find the perfect shirt for him when you two are shopping at the mall but he won't buy it because it was only half price, instead of 75% off, you might want to reevaluate your tolerance of his cheap behavior.

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