What Are the Signs of Falling in Love?

Being in love can show in many different ways.Being in love can show in many different ways.

There is no other feeling quite like the feeling you get when you're falling in love. From butterflies in your stomach to never ending giddiness, new love is euphoric and intoxicating. In the beginning, you might find yourself questioning whether what you're feeling is truly love or just a classic case of passionate lust. Not to worry, there are certain characteristics of true love that will let you know when you've found your knight in shining armor.


Selflessness is one of the main indicators of true love. Just as a mother puts her child's happiness before her own, you will often find that you put your partner's needs and wants first. When you are in love with someone you will move heaven and earth to make them happy. Just the thought of doing something that makes your significant other smile gives you an intense feeling of satisfaction.

Inner Beauty

When you are falling in love with someone you seem to look past their quirks and see their inner beauty instead. In the beginning of the relationship you might even find their flaws cute or attractive. They say love is blind, and in most cases that saying rings true. This can be a double-edged sword, however, because you may look past certain character flaws that could present major problems in the future.

Long Conversations

Getting to know each other is a big part of falling in love. When you find yourself having long, meaningful conversations for hours on end, you just may be falling in love. These long conversations are important because you will get to know your partner's personality. After you get to know him, you can decide if he is the type of person you want to spend the rest of your life with.


If your significant other asks you to come to her family reunion this weekend, chances are she's really falling for you. Most people don't introduce their dates to the family if they're not very serious about the relationship. This is especially true in cases of single mothers because they don't want to introduce a father figure to their children unless they're sure he's the one.


Feelings of vulnerability often go hand in hand with new love. When you are falling in love, you lower your guard to allow this new person inside your heart. You may feel vulnerable, especially if you have been hurt before. However, it is important not to let past breakups interfere with your new relationship. Unless you are noticing some major character flaws, give your significant other a chance to prove that he's not like the others.

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