Signs a Guy Could Be Violent

Recognize signs of violence before it's too late.Recognize signs of violence before it's too late.

Every woman should learn to recognize signs of violence in the man she's dating before the relationship develops further. Educating yourself about the signs of violence can prevent pain and heartache. If the new man in your life shows any signs of violent behavior, end the relationship.

Overly Nice

He may seem like the perfect boyfriend in the beginning. He showers you with compliments and always wants to spend time with you. Instead of doing his own activities, he constantly calls you and picks you up from work. This may seem great but could be a sign of obsession.

Easily Angered

The smallest things anger him, such as a flat tire or a broken dish. It always feels like you have to walk on eggshells around him. He expresses his anger through screaming, punching walls and kicking doors.

Verbal Abuse

He makes you feel bad about yourself by constantly insulting and belittling you. When you express your opinion about something, he laughs at you and makes you feel stupid. He tells you that you're worthless without him in your life. He also has no shame in making fun of you in front of others.


He becomes extremely jealous when you spend time with other people. When you go out with friends, he complains and tells you that you should be with him instead. If another man pays attention to you in public, he blames you for leading him on.


He seeks to control what you do. He makes decisions about who you can see, what you can wear and where you can go. If you question his controlling behavior, he becomes angry and thinks you are up to no good.

How to Leave

Talk to someone you trust about your relationship, such as a friend or family member. Tell her about signs you noticed and ask her whether it's worth being concerned. Then tell the man you're dating that you don't want to see him anymore. If you tell him in person, bring someone with you in case he doesn't take the news well. When out by yourself, always carry a cellphone and don't hesitate to call the police if you are in danger.

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