Signs a Guy Only Thinks of You As a Friend

Pick up on any Pick up on any "just friends" signals he might be sending you.

When you really like a guy, it can drive you insane trying to decipher his true intentions. You might find yourself wondering over and over how he feels about you and whether he simply considers you a friend or wants to pursue something deeper. Learn how to identify the signals of just being in a guy's "friend zone," which means that he only has platonic feelings toward you.


If the guy you are interested in turns to you for advice on relationships, it isn't likely that he wants to pursue anything romantic with you, especially if he gets specific with the details.

Other Girls

When you are hanging out with a guy and you notice that he is constantly looking at other girls and checking them out, then it is probably because he isn't interested in you. When a guy is truly into a girl, it will seem like she is the only person in the universe to him.


If you have attempted before to discuss your true feelings to the object of your affection, only to realize that he keeps trying to change the subject and alter the direction of the conversation, it is probably because he isn't very comfortable or open to the idea of discussing romance with you. This is almost a surefire sign that you are in his "friend zone."

Forgets You Exist

If a guy seems to forget that you exist when he is dating another girl, no matter how casual the situation is, then you are not on his mind and he only thinks of you as a friend. Be careful with these kind of "friends." If a guy forgets you exist entirely when someone new is involved, he may just be using you for some opposite-sex attention when he is bored and restless.


If you detect absolutely no flirtation or sexual tension on his part, then your spot in the "friend zone" is likely permanent. When a guy is attracted to a girl, whether he is aware of it or not, he sends signals of flirtation, including mimicking her gestures and motions, extended eye contact, "accidental" touching and pointing his body and feet toward you. If you wear something revealing, pay attention to his reaction. If he doesn't even try to sneak a look in, he simply doesn't care.


If his mother or friends suggest that the two of you become a couple and he finds the notion to be absolutely hilarious, then it is pretty evident that he only wants to be your friend.

Your Friends

If a guy friend expresses an interest in one of your friends and asks you to set up a date with her, then he definitely only wants to be your friend. If he doesn't even suspect that the idea makes you feel bad or jealous, then you are surely in the "friend zone" with him.

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