Signs to Let You Know You Truly Love Someone

Identify the signs of true love.Identify the signs of true love.

In a relationship, it often is difficult at first to discern the differences between lust and true love. In some cases, you may think that you love a person, only to figure out in hindsight that what you were experiencing at the time was something else entirely (and significantly less serious). Determine whether you are truly in love with somebody by paying close attention to the signs that are out there.


When you truly love and care for someone, the relationship goes far beyond physical. In fact, emotional aspects may even make up the bulk of the relationship. If you can converse with a person in a natural and easy way (with the time flying by), then it is very likely that you truly love her. Consider the topics you discuss with her, whether your life dreams, favorite foods or biggest anxieties and problems. If conversation with a person makes you laugh, cry, scream and feel comfort, sometimes all at once, then you feel genuine love.


If you constantly miss or feel longing for another person, then you probably are truly in love with him. If you feel a slight (or hard) pang in your heart after saying goodbye to him a mere 15 minutes ago, then you have fallen deeply in love and there may be no turning back.

Other People

One surefire indication that you really love a person is complete loss of interest in meeting other people for possible romance. If you only have eyes for one person and you barely notice anyone else, you feel true love. If someone fulfills all of your needs in a partner, then you likely will not look elsewhere.

Being Yourself

One sign that you are in a truly loving situation is total comfort with yourself. If you are happy being yourself with someone, then you really love her. If you can be around her with zero fear of judgment, then that displays an authentic rapport, kinship and love. This goes both ways. If you love your partner for who she is and don't wish to change her, then your feelings probably are real and serious.


If even imagining a situation where the other person is in love with someone new causes you to feel pain, then true love is what you are feeling. If you feel like you are the only person on Earth suitable for your partner, then perhaps you are (as long as he also feels the same way).


Honesty and trust are the basic foundations upon which relationships are based. With true love comes a strong rapport. If you feel 100 percent free and secure in divulging all your deepest secrets and thoughts to someone (without fear of betrayal), it appears that you are involved in a two-way situation of mutual love, affection, respect and consideration.


With real love comes an element of selflessness. If you begin to care about someone just as much as you care about yourself and start to approach life thinking in terms of "We" instead of "I," you definitely are in love and looking to build a future with this individual.

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