Signs That a Man Disrespects Women

Man making face at woman as she looks away.Man making face at woman as she looks away.

Disrespect is painful, and can be downright dangerous. By knowing what to look for, you can avoid men who are disrespectful. If a man talks down to you, shows anger or aggression toward women, is abusive or engages in cheating, disengage and find someone who will treat you right.

He Talks Down to Women

Men who disrespect women often see them as less than themselves, and may show this through subtle putdowns or a lack of respect for her ideas, saying things such as “I don’t care what you think,” or “You never know what you’re talking about.” A man may also use name-calling to devalue a woman he does not respect, roll his eyes or even ignore her. Women do not deserve this treatment. Those who experience this may find that there are greener pastures elsewhere if they leave their disrespectful partner.

Anger or Aggression

People may notice that they feel angry around those who are disrespectful toward them, notes Hofstra University psychology professor and anger expert Howard Kassinove in an article published by the American Psychological Association in 2012. If you find yourself upset or agitated whenever a certain man is around, he may be disrespecting you subtly, for instance, talking over you or showing he doesn’t care through body language. Likewise, if a man is consistently angry or aggressive toward women, this is a red flag that he lacks respect for them. Men who respect women as equals are more able to have open discussions without getting angry.


When a man in a relationship sleeps with other women, engages other women online or begins long-term emotional or physical relationships elsewhere, this is a sign that he does not respect the relationship or the women he is involved with. Those in healthy, mutually respectful relationships care about the feelings of their partners and try to avoid hurting the other. If a man you met has a history of cheating on his partners, if your partner is cheating on you, or if he doesn’t seem to care about your feelings, let these serve as cues that he does not respect you or your partnership, and find someone who does.


Disrespect may escalate into domestic violence, according to an article titled "Domestic Violence Against Women: Recognize Patterns Seek Help," from the Mayo Clinic. Signs of disrespect -- which may include name-calling, frequent anger, telling you what to do or yelling -- should be taken as serious signs that a man does not respect women and does not have your best interests at heart. In the face of any violence or abuse, seek assistance from a professional, the police or a domestic violence hotline to ensure your safety.

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