Signs a Man Loves and Cares for You

Watch for subtle signs. Body language speaks volumes.Watch for subtle signs. Body language speaks volumes.

Men show love in many different ways. Each man is unique and expresses love in his own way. In the everyday interaction between men and women, there are some pretty interesting differences. Men often like to hold hands or even help around the house when they get those loving feelings for you. If you pay attention, you'll have all the information you need to know that your man loves and cares for you.

Hand in Hand

Men love to show care and affection through physical contact. Many men value physical connection in relationships as a show of love. They tend to increase these activities the more love they feel for you. These simple actions are one of the major gender distinctions in couples. So, the more he loves you, the more likely he is to hold your hand, kiss your cheek and embrace you.

Join in the Fun

Men often show love for their partners by sharing activities with them. Men love their hobbies, so when your man includes you in his, you know that he cares for you. Whether the activity is playing sports, playing video games or collecting, if he's willing to play with you, your man is definitely showing some deep affection. Because men enjoy activities that are goal-oriented, your man is sending a strong message when he wants you to play around with him.

Cleaning House

Many people think men are prone to the messier side of life, but cleanliness is a surprising way they show love. When your man is feeling particularly fond of you, he's likely to share in the day to day house cleaning. Instead of begging him to take out the trash or wash the dishes, you can sit back and enjoy the day with each other as you work together to clean your space. The next time he's sweeping the kitchen, take the time to appreciate this simple but powerful show of love he's offering.

Lovey Dovey

Men who love you are more likely to be affectionate. Accoring to Elizabeth Schoenfeld and colleagues in their article "Do Men and Women Show Love Differently in Marriage?" men show more affection when they feel more love toward their partners. So if he's doing things like writing you notes, helping you de-stress at the end of a long day or just doing those everyday things you love, he's letting you know that he has some powerful feelings for you.

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