Signs a Man is Serious About a Woman

Changes in behavior and conversational habits can be signs that a man is serious about a woman.Changes in behavior and conversational habits can be signs that a man is serious about a woman.

If you are a girlfriend, parent or wife, you may have wondered whether a man in your life --- your boyfriend, son or husband --- is really serious about a woman. Perhaps you are wondering whether a man you've been seeing is ready to start dating you exclusively, your son is finally ready to settle down, your boyfriend is about to propose or even whether your husband is seriously seeing another woman on the side. Whatever your situation, there are ways of getting clarity and navigating the road ahead.


A man who is genuinely serious about a woman will find ways to talk about her. And if you are the other partner in the relationship, his way of talking to you, and what he talks about, will change. For example, your son who has always been reluctant to talk about his relationships may become more forthcoming. A man you have been dating casually may shift the focus of his attention from things he likes to do to things he wants to do with you. And if a long-time partner or husband is seriously thinking about leaving you for another woman, you can bet at some point she will make a conspicuous appearance in a conversation, whether intentionally or not.


Financial commitment is another sign of serious interest from a man. For example, your son may tell you that he and his girlfriend are looking for a place together. Your boyfriend may seem more inclined to talk about personal matters like spending habits and investments. Or perhaps a guy you've been dating suddenly expresses an interest in helping you fulfill a goal such as redecorating your apartment or finishing a degree. Gifts that signify a long-term perspective or an intelligent awareness of a woman's needs and interests usually mean that a man is thinking not just of that woman, but of the two of them together.


A man who is serious about a woman is likely to change his behavior in significant ways. For example, your son who has always gone out with his friends on the weekends may start spending that time with his girlfriend and her family instead. Serious interest in a relationship leading to marriage may inspire a man to invest in long-term projects such as school or a career. And, a man who is ready to be part of an exclusive couple will likely turn his attention away from places where he can meet and be around other women and focus instead on ways he can be together with his partner.

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