Signs a Man is Taking You for Granted

You may be transitioning from girlfriend to mother if you find yourself doing all of your partner's chores.You may be transitioning from girlfriend to mother if you find yourself doing all of your partner's chores.

Relationships have a natural give and take, but if you start to feel taken for granted, then you need speak up and say something to your partner. Watch out for signs and behaviors that suggest you are being taken advantage of by Mr. -- not-so -- Right.

No More Chores

At the beginning of the relationship, you and your partner shared the chores. But now, they've all made their way onto your to-do list now. This is a definite sign that you are being taken for granted, while he gets to live it up in a tidy home, courtesy of your hard work. The next time you start doing the laundry or washing the dishes, sweetly ask him to help. If he makes excuses or says "no," sweetly ask him to leave.

Machine versus Woman

If you have something that your partner doesn’t have, but needs, such as a laundry machine, a car or a computer, be wary of what he pays more attention to during your quality time together. If he is more intent on getting his errands done with your appliances than spending time with you, then you are being taken for granted. Next time you plan a date night, make sure it's somewhere out of the house and away from your machine. If he no longer seems interested in the relationship, then pull the plug.

Late Night Rendezvous

When a love interest contacts you during late night hours only, it’s usually to communicate just one thing. Don’t let him take advantage of you or your body. Do yourself a favor and don’t respond. Similarly, if your partner only spends time with you to have sex, then you should rethink the relationship.

Your Refrigerator is Always Empty

It’s true, the fastest way into a man’s heart is through his stomach, but if he’s constantly cleaning out your food supply and makes no effort to replenish it or take you out for meals, then you have become his mother. Stop feeding him until he starts to respect you.

No Thank You

The moment you stop hearing your partner say, “Thank you,” for a nice deed, say something. Relationships are based on mutual respect, which means being kind and polite to one another. If you aren’t being appreciated for your generosity, then you are being taken for granted.

He's a Mess at Arrival

You should want to impress and attract your partner, so if your loved one shows up to dates unwashed and unkempt, chances are, he doesn’t care too much about wooing you. Add a new wrinkle to your relationship by telling him you'll be happy to wait while he freshens up and makes himself more presentable.

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