Signs a Man Wants to Be With a Woman

man wants to be with womanman wants to be with woman

In the war of the sexes, dating is one the most fiercely contested battles. It's no secret that men and women have different methods and modes of communication, which can lead to a lot of confusion when trying to decipher meaning from body language and behavior. But there are a number of subtle signs that will definitively tell you that a man is interested in being more than just friends.

His Attention is Focused on You

eye contact

If a man isn't attracted to a woman, or even interested in getting to know her better, his attention will start to wander. He will look around to see who else might be in the room--or he might even be planning an escape route. But if he is interested in you, his gaze will be laser-focused on you alone. A man will make direct eye contact and hold it for long periods, rarely looking away and paying little attention to anyone else. He will attempt to lengthen conversations by asking questions and laughing or commenting on what you have said.

Physical Contact

physical contact

Women often are more demonstrative than men, so they sometimes don't notice the more subtle approach men take with physical contact. He might do something more direct, such as touch a hand or knee, but it's more likely that he will simply stand close enough that your shoulders might touch in conversation. And if you're leaning in closer and your leg or foot touches his, it's a clear sign of attraction if he doesn't immediately move his away.

He Notices... and Remembers


Guys are famous for forgetting birthdays and failing to notice a new haircut, but they aren't always so oblivious. When men first become interested in a woman, they often become hyper-aware of just about everything she does or says. If you once had a conversation about your childhood dog and he recalls and brings it up days later, chances are he thinks of you as more than just a friend. He might compliment your clothes or a piece of jewelry you're wearing, perhaps using the item as an excuse to casually touch you.

He Treats You Differently Than Other Women

around other women

No two men are exactly the same, so their behavior with women varies. But pay close attention to how he treats you in relation to other women. If he often is suave or flirty with other women and he suddenly is tongue-tied and nervous with you, it's because you're more important to him than the others. If he tends to treat his female friends as "just one of the boys," he might be more considerate and chivalrous with you.

He Introduces You to His Friends (or Family)

meet his friends

It's important to all of us that our friends and family like our significant other, but men are especially protective of their inner sanctum. If he is eager to introduce you to his closest friends, it's a good sign that he is interested in a romantic relationship and has longer-term plans for the two of you. He might act proud of having you by his side and seem excited to tell people all about you. And, as mentioned above, he is likely to recount all sorts of cute anecdotes or impressive facts about you to his friends.

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