Signs That a Man and Woman Are Having a Relationship

Attune to the behavioral, emotional and physical signs of a romantic relationship.Attune to the behavioral, emotional and physical signs of a romantic relationship.

Men and women engage on a daily basis in a variety of relationships, from teacher and student to husband and wife or just friends. Sometimes a stronger bond can form out of these relationships. Those involved in the blossoming relationship may decide to do so in secrecy. Keep your eyes peeled for signs that a man and woman are having a relationship beyond what meets the eye.

Secret Relationships

Those who engage in secret relationships usually do so out of fear. Friends, for instance, may decide to hide a romantic relationship out of fear the group won't accept or understand the coupling. Friends also may hide a romance out of internal fears that the relationship is wrong. A man and woman also may conceal a relationship due to the existence of another relationship, such as a marriage. In such an instance, guilt and fear play integral parts in hiding the romance.


Individuals in a relationship may present signs of jealousy or possessiveness. If you suspect your friends are having a relationship, pay attention to how they react to attention given them and how they communicate with each other. She may snarl or change the subject when you mention one of his old flames. Jealousy also can appear in extramarital affairs. A man may make vicious comments or try to upstage the husband of his mistress and vice versa. A cheating spouse also may express love and affection for his wife more often than usual, most likely out of guilt.


Pay attention for the physical signs that two people are engaging in a romantic relationship. The libido of a cheating mate may change drastically from more or less to unusual sexual requests. A spouse participating in an extramarital affair also may come home smelling of cologne or perfume or with lipstick on the shirt collar. Men and women in romantic relationships also tend to exhibit specific body language. Standing very close to each other, looking in each others eyes for long periods of time and sitting with legs crossed toward each other express a possible connection beyond friends or colleagues.


The behavior of a man or woman in a new relationship can change. Two friends hiding a romance may spend more alone time together than usual rather than with a group. She also may wear more makeup or buy new clothes in an effort to impress the new man in her life. A cheating mate changes grooming habits or begins working out. If you notice that your partner acts more distant, hides the cellular phone, deletes call lists or whispers during certain phone calls, you can suspect cheating.

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