Signs That He Misses You

couple after an argumentcouple after an argument

If you're spending time apart from your boyfriend, whether it's for some temporary space or a supposedly permanent breakup, the situation can be devastating for both sides. If you want your boyfriend back in your life and want to determine whether he feels the same way and misses you, it is helpful to be on the lookout for several key things.

Keeping in Contact

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If your ex-boyfriend keeps frequent contact with you, it can indicate that he misses you and can't bear to spend time away from you. This includes him initiating email messages, text messages and phone calls for no apparent reason other than to say "hi." He is conveying to you his desire to keep the communication lines open and to be updated on your life. When a man is truly over a woman, he generally only contacts her so he can get back his things. Be wary if your ex only seems interested in the physical side of things, however, which could mean that he is just using you.


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When you ask your ex how he is doing and he is always candid and open with you, he might be sending you a signal that he misses you. If he is honest about his feelings with you, it could indicate that he still feels like a team with you. If he has moved on and is seeing someone new, he probably won't be as interested in sharing all of those details with you.

Meeting Up

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If your ex expresses a serious desire to meet up with you again in person, he basically is screaming into your ear that he misses you and wants to get back together. He is showing you that he enjoys your company and wants to be around you.

Showing Off

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If your ex isn't over you, he might try to win you back by impressing you and showing off. If he's looking for some serious attention from you, he might tell you that he's considering going skydiving or competing in a triathlon. He also might become a braggart and talk about a recent hefty pay raise he just got at work. All of these things point to a strong desire to impress.

Friends and Family

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One not-so-subtle indication that your ex wants you back and misses you is when, out of the blue, he gets in contact with and spends time with the most important people in your life, essentially your friends and family, especially if he never was too close with them before the breakup. By getting into your inner circle, he signifies that he wants to find an excuse to get back into your life and see you. If he's suddenly inviting your stepbrother to Superbowl parties or gets on chatty terms with one of your closest pals, he misses you.


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If you notice a slight change in your ex's personality, such as being more complimentary than usual, he might be trying to win back your affections. If he makes a point to notice things he never did before, whether it's your hair or your outfit or he goes out of his way to praise you, he probably misses you and wants you to feel the same way about him too. It can be difficult for some men to give out compliments, so take note of it when it happens.

Love Life

man asking about woman's love life

If he develops a serious interest in finding out about your love life, he surely misses you and wants you back. If he keeps asking you questions about whether you are dating anyone new or starts acting slightly jealous when you mention potential suitors, you basically have your answer: He misses you and wants you back in his world.

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