Signs of a Possesive Man

Possessive men are likely to snoop through your laptopPossessive men are likely to snoop through your laptop

In some relationships, a woman may discover that a man with whom she's involved is exhibiting possessive behavior, which can manifest itself as attempts to control everything she does. If you're dating a man, his possessive personality may not reveal itself immediately, but it may only be a matter of time before it creates problems in your relationship.

Jealousy and Isolation

A possessive man is often jealous of anything in your life that takes you away from him. He will attempt to control your schedule to ensure that you spend the bulk of your free time with him, and he may become angry when you make plans that do not include him. He may accuse you of cheating, or accuse your family and friends of conspiring against him. To keep you dependent on him, he may try to isolate you from the people you love and ask you to prove your love by cutting them off.

Instant Attachment

Another sign of a possessive man is his tendency to express his love for you within the first few weeks of your relationship. He may also start talking about the two of you getting married and how he wants to spend the rest of his life with you. This display may flatter you at first, but can quickly become overwhelming as he begins pressuring you for a commitment you may not be ready to give.

Constant Monitoring

A possessive man will continuously check on your whereabouts, even when you tell him exactly where you are. He will send texts, call your mobile phone or contact your friends to confirm your location. Not answering his call will raise his suspicion, and he will question you when you come home, and he may accuse you of lying even when you answer truthfully. His possessiveness may also cause him to follow you to see where you go when you're not with him, and he may look through your text messages and check the call log on your mobile phone to see who has called you.


Selfishness can manifest in several different ways. For example, he may go out with his friends but become upset when you want to have a girls' night out. Or he will insist that you spend time with his friends and family while at the same time never wanting to do the same with your friends and family. By establishing a different set of rules for himself, he's exercising control over the relationship and ensuring that things go according to his wishes. In his mind, it's fine for him to check up on you constantly or look through your phone, but he will not allow you to do the same to him, and will often become angry when you ask for the same consideration.

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