Signs of a Relationship Breakup

Many relationships reach a point of discontent where one or both parties begin to wonder if the other is going to end things. It is hard to focus on everyday life when things have gotten so tough in your relationship that you wonder if it is going to last. When certain signs of a breakup begin to appear, it is time to talk to your significant other and see what can be done to patch things up.


It may sound simple, but when someone is getting ready to initiate a breakup, the person is less likely to want to talk to you or be around you. Your significant other may seem to be avoiding personal encounters, phone calls, text messages and emails. If you are supposed to meet or talk, your partner might make an excuse to get out of it. This often happens when a person can't figure out how to start the breakup process.


If you have been in your relationship for a long time, you may live with your significant other or at least have possessions at each other's residences. Right before a breakup, the person who is wanting to initiate the separation may begin getting their things out of the other person's residence so as to make it easier when cutting ties. Keep an eye out to see if your partner is slowly taking things out of your home.


Most relationships that are getting ready to end feature a heavier volume of arguments prior to their end. The reason for this may be that you are both simply getting on each other's nerves and find more of what you each say and do annoying. Things you might not normally care about become big issues because you are always on edge and ready to strike. If you become afraid to say anything to your partner for fear of the response, a breakup may be on the way.


Prior to a breakup, all signs of affection begin to fall from previous levels. This applies not only to a couple's sex life but to smaller things. You may notice that the person you are with has stopped hugging or kissing you. Even slight touches and terms of endearment are becoming fewer and further in between. Your significant other may stop doing nice things for you throughout the day that they know you like.

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