Signs That He Respects You

Respect is a key component of a healthy relationship.Respect is a key component of a healthy relationship.

It takes more than love to keep a relationship strong. For your relationship to survive, you and your boyfriend should always treat one another respectfully. No woman should tolerate it if her man does not treat her with respect and makes her a target of constant ridicule, embarrassment and insults. It is important to recognize signs that he respects you because love, trust and respect are the ingredients for any long-lasting relationship.

Takes Your Side

A guy should never allow anyone to abuse or talk badly about a person whom he respects and admires. If your boyfriend's family and friends say derogatory things about you behind your back or if they come across as abusive or rude, then your partner should come to your defense. This is a very clear indication of the respect he has for you and his intolerance to rude behavior against you.

Listens to You

If your guy listens when you talk and responds appropriately, it is a clear sign of respect and attentiveness. Your boyfriend should have an interest in what you have to say. When you tell him something, he should ask questions and remember what your said. He should offer encouragement and empathy when you are down.

Gives You Freedom

If your boyfriend lets you live the way you want and does not have any objections with you spending time with friends on a regular basis, then it means he trusts and respects you. While he should enjoy spending time with you and having a connection, he should also feel comfortable with you having independence.

Constant Communication

People are busy and, with hectic work schedules, it almost becomes impossible to communicate with the outer world and keep in touch with friends and family. However, if your guy always stays in touch with you through phone or text messages despite all the other busy things he is into, then it means that he respects you. If he is running late or needs to deal with an unexpected situation, he should let you know what is going on.

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