Signs of Romantic Jealousy

Jealousy can take a major toll on any relationship.Jealousy can take a major toll on any relationship.

A little bit of jealousy is common in the majority of romantic relationships. However, when the jealousy gets excessive, it can be extremely destructive and even ruin the relationship -- for good. Extreme jealousy can lead to hurt feelings, suspicion, misunderstandings and feelings of suffocation for a couple. Learn to identify the key signs of romantic jealousy.


If a person begins to obsessively question where her partner is going and what he is planning on doing, it can indicate some serious romantic jealousy. This type of curiosity goes significantly further than the typical friendly questioning, and is usually laced with doubt and suspicion. When a person never believes the responses she is getting from her partner, she is jealous and doesn't fully trust in him.

Checking Up

When someone is jealous in a relationship, he may constantly check up on his significant other. For example, when his girlfriend is away from home, he might obsessively call or send her text messages. Apart from simply checking up on her, this jealous form of monitoring can also be a way to sabotage whatever activity she is partaking in, which can be very harmful to the well-being of a relationship.


One sure-fire sign of romantic jealousy is when an individual gets upset at the thought of her partner having opposite-sex friends. When someone cannot deal with her boyfriend befriending other females, it is because she feels threatened by them and doesn't trust that he will not betray her.


Another major indication of romantic jealousy is when a person constantly accuses her partner of looking at and "checking out" other women, whether they are friends of his, co-workers or simply women just walking down the street or in the shopping mall.


When someone is jealous and suspicious in a relationship, he might snoop around in his girlfriend's belongings in order to uncover any possible evidence of infidelity, whether it's a man's name in the "missed calls" log on her cell phone or a message in her email account.


When a person is constantly worrying and picturing the "worst case scenario" about her partner's supposed infidelities (even if there is no proof that anything wrong is happening), then a serious jealousy situation exists. If thoughts of what her partner is saying or doing with another person is running through a woman's head nonstop, she is dealing with a case of the green-eyed monster, in a very unhealthy way.

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