Signs of a Secret Crush

Learning if someone has a crush on you is often about nonverbal signals.Learning if someone has a crush on you is often about nonverbal signals.

The woman at work acts a little shyer around you then other coworkers. The guy at the gym always seems to be working out at the station next to you. Do these signs mean that someone has a crush on you? They may, as these are just a couple of the signs that someone finds you attractive. However, is important to understand that an isolated signal by itself is not necessarily definitive. Generally, there are multiple signals that both men and women project when they feel physical attraction, and knowing what the cues are can help you unravel the clues.

Signals Men and Women Send

Aside from eye contact and smiling there are major subconscious signals that both men and women display. One clear indication of someone finding you attractive is for their pupils to dilate while looking at you. This is an autonomic response of seeing something attractive. Another signal that both sexes use is the tilting of their head forward in an attempt to entice you to move closer. Facing you while squaring and lifting of the shoulders demonstrates a desire to communicate with you. Gesturing with the hands, with the palms facing upwards, signals that he or she is receptive to you.

Signals Men Send

A man will sometimes tease a woman to whom he is attracted. Some schools of psychology link this type of behavior to boys picking on girls as children, although some men will do it intentionally because they believe women don't like a man who is too nice. Suddenly straightening his posture, and especially pushing his chest out, when he sees you are sure signals. Bragging about anything while you are around is a clear indication that he is trying to impress you. Additionally, movements such as tucking in his shirt and adjusting his tie or glasses while talking to you are subconscious indications of nervousness from being near you.

Signals Women Send

If a woman finds a man attractive she will often playing with her hair. Continually crossing and uncrossing her legs or becoming tense, but not pulling away, when you touch her are signs that she is nervous in your presence. Laughing at your jokes, no mater how obtuse, asking your friends and acquaintances about you and becoming jealous when you talk with other women are all obvious signs that she wants to be more than friends.

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