Signs of Serious Flirting

Serious flirting can be anything from subtle to obvious.Serious flirting can be anything from subtle to obvious.

Attraction is a mysterious thing. When people are attracted to each other, instead of saying it directly, they often engage in flirting, which is a playful and cheeky way to convey feelings without as much of the risk. If a woman is flirting with you and you want to know if she is serious about the attraction or if she is just having a little fun, there are several signs to look for.

Vocal Patterns

Identifying vocal patterns is a very subtle way to detect if someone is trying to get synchronized with you. Speaking with a vocal pattern that is similar is a way to construct a type of solidarity and rapport between two people. The subconscious signal is characterized in various ways, including speed of speech, conversation pacing, words used, vocal pitch and language patterns. With vocal patterns, also look for signs of anxiety and nervousness, including stammering, stuttering and being at a loss for words.

Extended Eye Contact

Whether you catch a woman looking at you and then quickly looking away or are engaged in a deep conversation with her, you can detect flirtation signs through eye contact. Eye contact that comes across as strong, intense, unwavering and lingering is a signal of serious flirtation. If a woman keeps her eyes locked with you just a little bit longer than you are used to (even just seconds), she most likely is sending you a signal.


Consider how much attention a man is paying to you. Ask yourself if he takes what you are saying seriously and seems to get deeply involved. If a man shows a great interest in you and starts asking you detailed questions about your life and your hobbies instead of simply talking about himself all day, he likely is indicating to you that his attraction is more than just a passing fancy.

Body Language

Some uncontrollable body language signals also are a serious indication of attraction and interest. If a woman is nervous about impressing you and wants to come across well, she could subtly be sending you body language signals through blushing, rigid bodily posture and eye twitching. As suave, collected and mysterious as most people want to be in flirting, these things are not that easy to hide.


If a man briefly, accidentally or intentionally, touches you in a way that is noninvasive or non-intrusive, he is giving you a serious flirtation signal. A couple of common examples of this include accidentally brushing up against you as he walks by or gently patting your hand while you are engrossed in conversation. If a woman shows visible disapproval of the touching action, most sensible men will know to stop.

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