Signs That Someone Loves You

Learn the signals of true love.Learn the signals of true love.

It can be very easy for someone to say "I love you" to another person. However, it is not quite as easy to display it and mean it. If you spend time thinking about whether a certain individual in your life truly loves and cares for you, take some time out to look for actions instead of just words.


If someone truly cares about you, he will display a strong interest in you as a person. For example, he will ask you about what you want out of life and your biggest hopes and aspirations. He will want to know about your likes and dislikes and what motivates and inspires you in life. When a person has a keen interest in the inner workings of another person and truly cares for that person's well-being, that shows true love.

Shared Happiness

If a person shares in your happiness with you, she loves you. When a relationship is entirely free of jealousy and competition, it is at an elevated level. Love relationships are those that share joy. If you pass a difficult examination and she supported you all the way through it and is as happy and excited as you are about the outcome, that indicates a true love situation.


Another sign that someone loves you is if he is willing to give you comfort when you have endured a tough day. Comfort can mean anything from reassuring words to a big hug. Love is all about a person being there for another in the best and worst of times. If you can count on someone to comfort you and to be there for you when you are not feeling your best, that person really does love you.

Time Together

If an individual loves you deeply, one of her greatest pastimes is spending time with you, one-on-one. The time spent together doesn't have to be centered around an elaborate plan or activity; it can simply be talking to you and enjoying your company. If a person always seems happy to see you, that indicates real love and caring.


If a person is willing to be patient with you and help you work through your personal drama, whether it's about a major crisis at work or through a tense family situation, he loves you deeply. If you always feel that you have an ally in the toughest situations that life throws at you, that means love.


When a person is attentive to you and the casual little details of what you do and what you say, it means that she loves you. If she remembers small things you said to her in passing during conversation, or the color of the shirt you wore to a wedding last year, you are important to her and the things you do and say make a lasting impression on her.


A lot of people do not like opening up to others about their innermost and most personal feelings. If a person shares with you all of his deepest thoughts and secrets, that shows trust, which in turn shows love.

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