Signs a Woman Is Attracted to You

Many men have difficulty figuring out whether or not the women they like are also attracted to them. If you are wondering if a female friend is potentially interested in you, watch for subtle signs that she's trying to catch your attention.

Regular Chats

A woman who wants to be in a relationship with you will go out of her way to talk to you on a regular basis. She may call you often, text you, or just email to check in. She will be very interested in what you have to say whenever you talk.


When you hang out with a woman who is attracted to you, she will likely act more physical than she does around her other friends. This means she will make an effort to touch you during time spent together, even if that's only by touching your arm while she talks.

Spending Time Together

She will want to spend plenty of her free time with you, either talking to you or spending time together in person. If you ask her to get together, chances are she will do everything in her power to ensure that she is free during that time.


Even if your jokes are cheesy, a woman who is attracted to you will typically laugh or giggle at them. If you try to be funny and she enjoys it a lot, chances are she's attracted to you. She may also laugh a lot due to nerves when you're not trying to be funny.


Blushing is a sign that a woman has some romantic thoughts or feelings toward you. If you compliment her or act affectionately toward her and she blushes, she is probably trying to hide the fact that she's attracted to you.

Dressing Up

Most women care quite a bit about their appearances and want to look nice while going out. Women may not dress up as much around good friends, so if she is trying to look great when it's just you and her together she may be trying to impress you.

Hair Twirling

Playing with hair is something often seen in movies when women are attracted to someone. This habit may be due to boredom, but many women do naturally toy with their hair when talking to someone they're attracted to. She may twirl her hair with her fingers or flip her hair often while engaged in a conversation with you.

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