Signs a Woman Is Flirting

Be aware of key flirting signals.Be aware of key flirting signals.

If you are interested in a woman, but are too intimidated to ask her out, it can drive you crazy trying to analyze her behavior. If you're wondering whether your dream girl is just being friendly or if she's actually flirting with you, it can help greatly to be well-versed in the world of female flirting signals.


When women flirt with men, they tend to make a conscious effort to look good. During the act of flirting itself, women also often subconsciously preen by grooming themselves. If a woman likes you, she might smooth down her top or run her hands through her hair. Look for subtle signals that a woman is trying to look her best for you.


Proximity is another major indication of flirting. If you speak to a woman and she leans in closer to you, she is conveying that she wants to be closer to you. If a woman has a tendency to go into your personal space, she is likely sending you a flirting signal.

Eye Contact

Meaningful eye contact also signifies serious female flirtation. If a woman looks at you straight-on and for a lengthy period of time (say three seconds), she most likely is trying to send you an obvious sign that she is open to you and interested in you. If you catch a woman gazing at you when you're not looking at her directly, that is a another sign that she is interested in you, and also that she simply enjoys looking at you and thinks you're attractive.


When you're chatting up a woman who is interested in you, it might seem like you're Superman and can do no wrong. If you tell a joke and a woman starts roaring with laughter, even when it might not even be particularly good, she is flirting with you in a strong manner. When a woman is interested in a man, all of his remarks suddenly become significantly wittier, more charming and funnier.


Playful teasing also sends the signal that a woman is flirting with you. To get a man's attention and to play around with him, a woman might tease him mercilessly, but not in a cruel way. If she makes light jokes about your penchant for chocolate milk or for your obsession with action flicks, she is teasing you in a flirtatious and good-natured way.

Body Language

One indicator of attraction is the copying of body movements and gestures. If you are speaking with a woman and notice that her actions mirror yours, she is subconsciously trying to align herself with you. Look out for other key signs of attraction and flirtation, such as displaying her wrists, open arms, biting her lips, making her tongue visible, and twirling her hair.


If a woman likes a man, she wants to give him the impression that she's fun and exciting to be around. If you catch a woman across the room eying you half the time, and the other half of the time acting like she's having the time of her life with her female friends, she likely is trying to get you to notice her.


A smile can make anyone feel good, especially if it is from someone they like. If a woman flashes you a big, sincere smile, she probably is flirting with you. Look for a smile that is slow and deliberate, rather than forced or anxious. If her eyes light up and her expression is sincere, she is seriously flirting with you.

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