Signs of a Womanizer

Watch for the signs of a user.Watch for the signs of a user.

While some men are eager to form loving and mutually respectful relationships with women, others look to use women like playthings, tossing them aside once they are tired of them. Because forming a connection to a womanizer can leave you heartbroken, you should pay close attention to warning signs. Determining a guy is a womanizer before you invest too much emotionally can save you from a devastating heartbreak.


Womanizers get women to lust after them, making themselves the hunted instead of the hunter. To do this, they often use eloquence and smooth-talking skills. If the guy you are currently considering as a potential romantic partner seems to always know what to say and to be able to deliver his messages in a fluid and practiced manner, he may have these skills because he has honed his womanizing skills and is now a master at “womanization.”

All Take, No Give

A relationship should be a perfect mixture of give and take. When engaged in a relationship with a womanizer, however, you will likely find that you are doing all of the giving and getting nothing in return. If, for example, this guy only seems to come around when he wants sexual favors, not giving you the emotional connection you desire in return, he is likely not eager to form a real relationship with you, but instead simply using you.

Unwillingness to Commit

While a womanizer may genuinely feel like he wants to commit, when the time comes to actually make a commitment, he will likely back out. For example, he may talk about forming a committed relationship or mention his eagerness to find a permanent love partner, but not speak in specifics or show actions that back up his words.

Quite the Reputation

If your womanizer has been practicing for long periods of time, he has likely developed a bad reputation. If other women in your social circle speak of the guy as a user, their characterization is likely to be somewhat true. To ensure that you don’t fall into the clutches of a womanizer, don’t be entirely dismissive of gossip, as it is often rooted -- at least in part -- in the truth.

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