Simple Romantic Gifts

A simple gift is memorable because it is heartfelt and personal.A simple gift is memorable because it is heartfelt and personal.

Instead of searching the store for a gift that does not have any sentimental value, use your head and your heart to give a gift that your partner truly appreciates. A simple gift is romantic, because it requires that you know the recipient's personality and taste. The gift will have a lasting effect because it is well-planned and filled with love.

Love Notes

Choose a simple, small jar, or a decorative jar, to fill with love notes. These are personal messages that you write to your partner about why you love them and how much you love them. Write or type the love quotes on colorful strips of paper and seal the jar. Add a bow to the jar for a unique touch.

Custom Coupon Book

A romantic coupon book is a wonderful gift to present to your partner, because it is free and personalized. You are simply donating your time and care. The coupon book is simple to make. It can be either handmade or printed from the computer. Each coupon should be something that your partner really enjoys, such as a foot massage or home-cooked meal. Make the coupon redeemable at any time, with no expiration dates, to give your loved one a true treat.

Framed Poem

If you have the gift of writing, or want to try it for the first time, write a poem to your loved one. Even if you have no interest in writing, you can find your partner's favorite poem and frame it. Your partner will think of you each time the poem is read. Hanging the poem at work can brighten a stressful day and provide inspiration.


Look around your house and begin collecting photos of the two of you on dates, on vacation or just spending time at home. Get a scrapbook or photo album to neatly place these mementos in. Other items to add could be ticket stubs from concerts and movies. In the scrapbook, list the dates of the events and a short message about the picture or item.

Personalized CD

Make a personalized CD from your partner's favorite songs. These may be sentimental songs that remind the both of you of a first date or other special event. The songs do not all have to be ballads. Whatever genre your partner listens to should be burned onto the CD. Design a CD title using the computer. Decorate the CD case for a memorable gift.

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