Simple Romantic Picnic Ideas

Sharing a picnic with the one you love can be very romantic.Sharing a picnic with the one you love can be very romantic.

If you need a simple yet romantic date idea, consider hosting a picnic for you and your special someone. When planning your date, it is important to think about the details of the picnic's execution, though, or it can turn out to be a miserable experience for the two of you.


Carefully select the food for the picnic. Pack light finger foods that you can easily haul with you in a basket or backpack. In addition to being easy to pack and carry, finger foods require less equipment to eat, which makes the basket easier to haul. Also consider packing food items that won't spoil easily, such as cookies, lunch meats, and chopped fruits and vegetables. Finger foods also make it easy to feed your romantic partner. You can make your own foods or purchase them ahead of time, depending on your preference.


For a romantic getaway, you are going to want to find a private location. Scour local parks or the countryside for a secluded location with beautiful scenery. If you can't find a secluded place on public property, opt instead for a public place that usually has a quiet atmosphere. If seclusion isn't your preference, you can choose a highly populated place for the picnic that contains some entertainment value. For example, you could visit a park with live musical performances for a romantic picnic.


A romantic atmosphere can be enhanced or destroyed by the presentation of a situation. Start building a romantic feeling from the beginning of your adventure by presenting the invitation in a romantic manner, such as by issuing the invitation via the delivery of a bouquet of flowers. You can add to the romantic atmosphere further by using a special vehicle to travel to the picnic spot, such as a rented tandem bike. Include a few items in the picnic pack to add to the romantic atmosphere during the picnic as well. For example, you can pack a wireless music player so both of you can enjoy some romantic music during the picnic or a bottle of wine and two champagne glasses to celebrate being together.


Sitting on the ground for a long period can be very uncomfortable. Make the experience a little more relaxing by packing a thick and cushioned blanket instead of one that is thin and flimsy; the thick blanket can create a layer of comfort between the two of you and the hard ground. Consider bringing a few pillows in case the two of you want to recline after your meal, as well as some bug repellent to help defend yourselves from unwelcome pests.

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