Simulator Games for Dating

Date simulation games take players on a virtual night out with fictional companions. Games can range between being appropriate for teens to adults. While some require saying the right things, others can depend on actions to further impress your date. Each game can end in a lonely night or a digital connection.

RED Virtual Date

"RED Virtual Date," available from AOL Teens, allows you to choose the venue, gender and appearance of your date. The game provides three choices for each gender. You are presented with options for what to do and say throughout the course of the date. Your answers will dictate the actions of the girl or boy you are courting and you can gauge the interest of your date by the heart animations above his or her head.

Speed Dating

"Speed Dating" presents multiple men or women in the same setting. Each date differs from the other, providing a puzzle for players to solve in order to gain admiration. Use the arrow keys to choose what your character will say. Click "Next" if the current date does not work out. A sign with the word "Loser" will signal a failed date. You acquire points with each successful line. The game is appropriate for players of any age.

College Romance

"College Romance" tackles dating on the collegiate level. The game takes you on a tour of five locations with five ladies to meet. The game features an anime style that lets players make decisions based on where they are in the fictional area. You must consider the choices given in order to engage each girl in a successful manner.

New Seduction

"New Seduction," a simulation with a role-playing game slant, is suited toward mature players with the objective being to seduce your date. The game tackles adult themes without any explicit images on the screen. The game measures "Mood," "Trust" and "Arousal," and players must answer questions with care in order to progress through the game.

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