How to Find Single Men

For many women, it is not lack of desire but lack of opportunity when it comes to meeting single men. Here are a few ways to meet single men that you might not have thought of.

Ask Friends

Sometimes the best place to start your search for a single man is one of the most obvious and that would be to start with friends and family. Quite often your friends husbands or brothers will know plenty of men that might be perfect for you. There are a couple of added benefits to this as well. First of all, you can easily find out more about them and their past history from the people who know them, and secondly, a meeting can easily be arranged at a dinner, party or get-together with other people so the pressure is off.

Ask Coworkers about People in Other Departments

Quite often, especially if you work in an office setting, you probably know people who work in other departments. It wouldn't hurt to find if they know of anyone in their department that might be perfect for you. This is another situation where simply getting together for a few drinks with a group of people after work could lead to something else. (Just be sure that your company doesn't have a policy against employees dating.)

Join Clubs or Sign up For A Class That Interests You

Probably one of the best way to meet single men is to join a club or sign up for a class that interests you. This way, the two of you immediately have something in common. You can sign up for classes like drawing, art, pottery, dance, photography, a book club, cooking, etc. This way, even if you do not meet someone, you have at the very least learned more about something you enjoy.

Go To Bars and Restaurants in the Right Areas

More of my friends have met their husbands in bars and clubs than they would care to admit. This is because "we met at a bar" still seems to carry a seedy stigma with it. The truth is, this is actually the perfect place to meet single men as long as you go to the right places.

Chances are you will not meet the perfect mate by going to the local seedy watering hole. However your chances will be a lot better if you target the places you hang out more carefully. For example, if a lawyer or a doctor is the type of person you might be interested in, going to upscale bars and restaurants located near legal offices, doctor offices or hospitals might be your best bet. If it is an earthy sporty type guy you have your eye on, there are plenty of higher class sports bars located near professional offices that might bring you the combination of down to earth, yet still successful person you are searching for.

Most people do not stray far when going out after work. If you target where you go more carefully, you have a better chance of finding the right single man for you.

Go Online

Once upon a time meeting someone online also had a stigma attached to it. It was one of desperation. Luckily nowadays, it is not only becoming extremely common, but many people's preferred choice for meeting new people. Places like and Harmony have profiles for you to complete to match you up to a person who compliments your personality. You can probably find out more about this person by reading their profile than you could after hours of talking in a bar or club.

There are of coarse some people who might lie on their profile, but luckily that too is becoming less common as people realize the more honest they are, the better chances they have of really meeting the right person. Always be careful however, before meeting someone face to face. Always be sure that someone knows where you are, the person's name you are meeting with and always meet the person at a public place. Never let them come to your home to get you until you know them better.

Sign Up with a Dating Service

While a little more expensive that visiting a dating website, signing up with a dating service can take out a lot of the hassle for you. Many services do background checks on the people who sign up so you can rest assured that everything you know about that person is true. There are also some experienced services that will do the matching up for you.

Visit Online Chat Rooms

Another great place to meet someone is simply through a chat room or forum of websites that cover topics you are interested in. For example if photography is your thing or even stamp collecting, there are many forums where people gather to share their passions. You never know you might become really friendly with. At the very least you will make some good friends that enjoy the topic as much as you do.


There are a lot of benefits in volunteering. First of all you are giving something back to many people who will be extremely grateful, so that in and of itself will make you feel good. The other benefit however is the people you will be working with. Volunteers are usually warm, kind and generous people who are donating their personal time to help others. This could be the perfect place to meet the kind and generous man you have been looking for.

Go To Dog Parks

If you are a dog lover this is the perfect place to meet the right person. He would already be ahead of the game just by owning an adorable canine. Who knows? Your dog might even be the one to hook you two up by leading your over there.

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