Small Romantic Gifts

Small romantic gifts can keep love alive.

Romance is important in any relationship, whether it is just starting out or has been blooming year after year. Keeping the love burning with small romantic gifts doesn't mean you have to spend money on diamonds. You simply have to invest some time and thought into letting your special someone know you cherish her each day.

Gathered Flowers

Wildflowers symbolize innocence and the purity of love.

Nothing says romance like a fistful of wildflowers. Unlike roses and professionally designed flower arrangements, a simple collection of wildflowers tied with a ribbon will delight your love and express a pure and simple romantic love and desire to please. Be spontaneous and choose a non-occasion to surprise your special someone.


Heart shapes can be found everywhere.

Start a tradition of gifting heart-shaped items whenever you find them. A walk along the beach or in the park is sure to provide you with a smooth heart-shaped stone or piece of wood. Continue to collect small heart-shaped tokens to give anytime or place in her favorite book or under her car keys to continue to surprise her. The possibilities are endless and can include heart-shaped cookies, flower blooms, leaves, pewter heart tokens and soaps. Make the effort to surprise her every week with a heart-shaped token to keep the romance going.


Love songs can be a powerful romantic gift.

If your loved one is a music connoisseur begin a play list with a romantic song, then download and insert a new song into the play list every week. Simply sneak the MP3 player away for a few moments every week to add a song that expresses your feelings. Alert her to the new music by placing a miniature bow on the player so that she can feel the love.

Love Letters

An old-fashioned love letter can inspire romance anew.

In this electronic age, a handwritten love letter shows your love that you make the extra effort to romance her and express your emotions in script. While text messages are convenient, opening a love letter written on parchment paper and mailed or left on her pillow will bring a tear to her eye and let her know a special man loves her.

If it's not easy for you to express your emotions, fear not. There are plenty of books out there filled with classic love letters from famous authors she is sure to melt over. Use the traditional pen and ink to create a keepsake she'll treasure.

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