How to Know If You're Smothering Your Girlfriend

Know the signs that you're smothering your girlfriend.Know the signs that you're smothering your girlfriend.

When you’re first dating it's common to be so excited to be with your girlfriend that you two are inseparable and don’t even realize it. However, even the best relationships need a little bit of space after a while. When she’s the one who’s getting a little over-powered by your incessant attention, you may need to give her a wee bit of space. Find out why she feels like you’re smothering her before it costs you your relationship.

Step 1

Notice how your girlfriend is starting to pull away from you a little bit. Recognize the change in pattern of your time spent with her and how it’s changed from seeing and talking to her every day all day to just a few times here and there.

Step 2

Initiate the modes of communication and the request to spend time together. If you’re the only one who seems to be anxious to see her and are constantly calling her and setting the dates, she may feel as if you’re taking over the relationship. Give her a chance to communicate with you and let you know when she wants to do something.

Step 3

Do things on your own. If this is a problem for you and you feel as if you two should always do everything together, from walking the dog to brushing your teeth, you’re closing her in way too close. Give her a chance to miss you by hanging out in your own world to do things without her. Try shooting hoops with friends or running a few errands solo.

Step 4

Take a look at whether your asking your girlfriend if she’s happy in the relationship -- a potential indicator that she might not be. You may be pushing her away with your insecurities on how you’re performing in the relationship. If you feel like your whole world has now shifted toward how you and she are now “us,” you could need a bit of an adjustment in understanding that even as a couple you both act as individuals and need to do so for a healthy relationship.

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